I never thought about aging. Being one year older every year never bothered me, or make me think that I’m getting old. But this year, the fact that I’m 40 years old is making me think about life in general. I’ve lived 40 years full of awsomeness. I’ve been very fortunate to roam this earth on these particular times, with all this awsome people around me. I have the best of friends, I’m healthy, and I can make a decent living doing what I love the most – making images and play music. How lucky am I? And in two months I’m starting my own family with the arrival of my first Son. This year will be special for sure. I’m 40 years old today but I feel that as that 7 Seconds song said “I’m gonna stay young until I die”. It is all in your head. Peace and be happy my friends. This picture here is me around 1987 posing in the swimming pool with some bare boobs behind me. Always the Summer.